Steven Pasas
George Alifierakis

The plej crew know the ins and outs of lending. Our founders have a background in key executive roles at large Australian banks, in senior management and technology areas.

Steven Pasas set up the Bank of Sydney and helped it grow to a $3bn Bank, while George Alifierakis has held senior technology roles at Macquarie Bank and Okta.  They know all the tools that Banks use to manage their loan portfolio and ensure smooth repayments.

George and Steven have been close friends for twenty years. Over the years they have discussed how property prices keep increasing, how people are continually priced out of the market, and how Banks charge exorbitant premiums if you do not have the traditional deposit, yet they pay zero interest on deposits.

In early 2021 a statistic from APRA that “20% of all new Owner Occupier Borrowers received assistance from family” caught their interest. They remembered the stories they heard from friends about difficulties they were experiencing when borrowing from family, as much of this help was lacking structure and process. Being problem solvers and with a passion for technology, this was a challenge they were excited to embark on.

Our team is about providing a structured approach, utilising technology to automate the lending steps and helping you beat the banks at their own game.


plej is founded on a number of key principles that drive our activities.

Try new and make things happen

We don’t believe there is shame in failing, the shame is in not trying. The confidence to take ownership and question the status quo are essential in building a superior customer experience.

Keep an open mind

We celebrate obsessive curiosity and never taking positions. We love identifying customer priorities and how we can meet them using new technologies and methods, benchmarking to other industries and challenging how things are done.


Small details really matter. We take pride that everything is examined and has a functional reason.

Honesty and kindness always win

Treat someone the way you want to be treated. We believe that openness and transparency promote the exchange of constructive two-way feedback that helps to build enhanced product and services.