Manage your family loan with ease, with our automated repayment features

plej gives you complete and automated control over your family loan.

Check out our sophisticated features below.

Automate and track

We collect the loan repayment and pass it to the lender. For you, this means no more awkward conversations about payments.

Make quick and easy
changes to the loan

When the situation changes, we're here to support you. Make changes easily under an approval process

Bring an existing loan with our easy process


Create your loan

Agree the loan terms formally using our step-by-step approach.


Send the funds

The lender sends the funds directly to the borrower.



We automatically debit repayments and remit to the lender.



We provide the tools to make your life easier.

Powerful features to
manage and track your loan

steering wheel

Stay on top of all loan details and make easy changes at any time with our fully automated online platform.

Manage your loan

Repayment holidays

Set any number of upcoming repayments to be “holidays”, giving the borrower a chance to catch up if they are short on funds.

Extend loan term

Add more time onto the loan. plej will automatically recalculate and produce a new repayment schedule.

Change interest rate

Change the interest rate at any time. plej will automatically apply the new rate to all future repayments and display a new schedule.

Stay informed

Repayment tracking, confirmations, and nudges

Automatic notification of upcoming payments, payments made, and reminders if a payment is late.

Let's get started!

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