Quickly, easily and accurately
manage your family loans

We give you all the tools you need to create and manage your family loan.

See some of our great features below. 

Formalise new and
existing loans

Without plej, what you agreed becomes forgotten over time. Put your new or existing loan into plej as a clear record for all

Automate and track

We collect the loan repayment and pass it to the lender. For you, this means no more awkward conversations about payments.

Make quick and easy
changes to the loan

When the situation changes, we're here to support you. Make changes easily under an approval process

Powerful features that put you in control

steering wheel

Our platform provides a range of features to suit all scenarios.

Loan setup

Choose Term, Rate, Loan Type

Length of the loan can be 0 – 25 years.
Set any variable interest rate from 0% calculated daily.
Principal Only, Interest Only or Principal & Interest.

Repayment schedule

Receive a listing of all payments due in a simple to understand format for the entire length of your loan.

Comprehensive Loan Agreement

Our legal agreement templates provide a simple step by step completion process to ensure your rights are protected

Easy to use templates

Easy to use templates and prompts to guide you through the complete lending process.

Stay on Track

Up to 10 loans

Create up to 10 (on Advanced tier) or 3 (on Standard tier) loans, each with different counterparties.

Automated repayments

Repayments are taken automatically each month, using our Direct Debit system. Funds are automatically credited to the bank account of the lender’s choice.

Repayment tracking, confirmations, and nudges

Automatic notification of upcoming payments, payments made, and reminders if a payment is late.

Payment holidays

Create a repayment holiday (defer until later) at any time, providing further flexibility.

Change the loan

Add extra months on the term or amend the interest rate at any time. A simple approval process ensures it’s clear for all.

Level Up (Advanced tier)

Link your rate to the RBA Cash Rate

Reference your interest rate to the RBA’s cash rate. Each time RBA adjusts their rate we will adjust your loan rate by the same amount.

Link your rate to the 4 Big Bank’s Benchmark Rate

Reference your interest rate to the 4 Big Bank’s rate as calculated by the RBA. Each time the rate changes your loan will be adjusted by the same amount.

Create a mortgage backed loan ($695 per loan)

Enhance your collection capability by lodging a traditional mortgage over a property title.

Access to formal debt recovery

Super charge your collection rights if you wish to. We will issue the appropriate legal letters to safeguard your rights.

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